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When things seem to be happening beyond your control, it can cause distraction, anxiety and even trauma as you feel caught in the chaos of events. However, all such things are really a sign of the change that is bringing you to your next best level. Here you will discover how to read the bigger message beyond the obvious in order to relax into the rhythm of life with more trust in the bigger picture. 

The Truth

Your life has more meaning than you have ever realized… you affect the greater whole just as much as you are affected by it. With open curiosity and focused awareness, you will know the greater significance of your experiences. And when you do, everything changes as it is impossible for your life to stay the same.


Bring your life into focus by understanding the context of events, relationships and occurrences. Life is a web that is continually weaving itself. Confusion about any of it is limited to humans, not nature. Experiencing the ‘knowingness’ of why things happen as they do allows you to connect with the greater part of yourself. This is why such detail is provided via our Courier Community messages.


In addition to the obvious events of the day, and to what presents as a focal point for teaching, your questions help provide the ‘curriculum’ shared with our members. The teachings here come through as they present so it cannot be predicted as to what you will learn. However, you will likely find that they are always exactly what you needed at the time.

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The act of becoming conscious, or more aware, is an evolution with no end. Therefore, membership in the Courier Community is on a monthly basis (although you can save by joining on an annual basis). When you start, you will receive the most current messages; if you leave, there are no refunds for previously paid dues.

Review this site and when ready, choose to get The Message Roll (free) or join the Courier Community ($17/month).

Two Levels of Membership:

The Message Roll (free membership) includes:

  •  Monday Messages
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  •  Opportunity to join live monthly webinar for $29
  •  Bonus eGuide: “Everything For A Reason”


The Courier Community ($17/mo membership) includes that PLUS:

  •  Extended Bigger Message Reflections
  •  Monthly Live Webinar / Teleclass
  •  Extended access to Bigger Message archives for previous 3 months
  •  Bonus #1: “Things To Know About Yourself”
  •  Bonus #2: “A Personal Reserves Assessment”


What’s New?

Integrity Is The Glue For Good Living

Just as a ship’s hull requires integrity to be waterproof and strong against the powerful and ever-changing force of water, you need to have integrity in your life to be able to navigate the rigors of living it.

The dictionary defines Integrity as:

  • The state of being whole, undivided and complete.
  • Firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: incorruptibility.
  • An unimpaired condition: soundness.

Where Integrity is missing, your life goes off-track. Even more, it can become out of control, attract the wrong people and make you feel like you are stuck in a job, relationship or behavioral pattern.

The good news is that strengthening the framework of your life through Integrity and having cohesion between who you really are and how you’re showing up in your life can change everything for the better. Why? Because working on just one life area will ‘ripple’ through all the rest of your life areas.

In this wisdom-packed webinar, you will learn:

  • The language of Integrity as it’s already speaking through your life.
  • 3 signs that are pointing to your most direct route to greater Integrity.
  • A step-by-step system you can use to look at your life to get clear on where your spirit is asking you to consider upgrading with Integrity.
  • And, most important, how to stop paying the price of lacking integrity so you can have more energy, feel lighter and create more of what you really want easily and on command!

Come and be prepared to discover how you are expressing your Integrity currently, as well as how to interpret it through your results AND how to identify new opportunities to increase your Integrity through your life.

Give yourself the Bigger Message of Integrity by joining us:


Time: 2:00 pm Central time (that’s 12:00 pm Pacific/3:00 pm Eastern)
Duration: 60 Minutes
Recorded?: Yes

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Sample The Benefits

Check out samples of what you will experience as a member, including questions and answers about real-world scenarios. See what others have learned via the personal responses provided through The Bigger Message.


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