Monday Message: Are You Living A Black And White Life In A Technicolor 3D/HD World?

Staying current with the speed of life is vital to retaining your vitality. If your life has become lackluster, boring or overly predictable, you’re not in the flow of dynamic life force energy.

Look around you to see who you know who is living a vibrant, exciting and fun life… chances are they are usually happy and healthy too. If you don’t know anyone, think about celebrities or people in the media or people you see as you’re out doing errands – notice the ones who catch your eye with their inner light and pay attention to how you feel as a result of their energy. That is the energy you want others to feel around you.

To amp up to your best and most vibrant life, consider where you have let yourself stay in what was (your history) in order to give yourself permission to release that commitment; then follow your curiosity to explore and adopt contemporary events, relationships, beliefs and self-care routines. (Hot tip: start evaluating your wardrobe and/or your environment first for a fast fresh start!)