Monday Message: Are You Loveable?

The inner experience of feeling loveable is one of the two main causes for suffering in the Western world (the other being self-worth). When you don’t feel loveable, you are likely shut down and disassociated from receiving love in the form of another person, opportunities or abundance because you don’t feel loveable from within.

Ironically, the journey of understanding your personal loveability includes the clues your life is giving you about your mindset, your possibilities, your future. In other words, your loveability invitation is disguised, or hidden, in the invitation for it. The transformation that is waiting for you is actually marked by the signs of where you feel limited.

Know that the ‘symptoms’ of your current love life become the barometer that measures the degree of your shift toward your best life – through taking the risk of vulnerability and compassion. When you can be open, feel empathy for others and connection with them, you are demonstrating loveability.

However, loveability is really a state of mind, a self-affinity, an act of receiving with trust and joy.

Not every person will love you the way you want at the time you want, which has nothing to do with your loveability. Instead, you are innately loveable just because you ARE… you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t serve a unique purpose in time and space. Your job is two-fold: to go find the people who can appreciate you AND to love yourself enough whether you find them or not.