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Got a question about something in your life – a recent event, relationship scenario or dilemma that needs clarity?

This is where you can ask to get answers about the Bigger Messages in your life. (See samples below…)

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    Example: Divine Protection In Action

    Q: I had a confusing situation happen with a potential colleague that I’d like to get clear about – I wanted to approach her as I am interested in being her ‘go-to’ source for graphic design work. She’s known to work with entrepreneurs and I thought that we might be a good fit. We scheduled a phone call and I blew it! I totally forgot – it’s the first time I’ve ever done that! So we rescheduled – and I did it AGAIN! Then when I called her to apologize, she was understandably distant. Eventually, we ran into each other at a networking gig and smoothed it all out, but I don’t think we’ll be working together. Is there something I should know here?

    A: Sometimes the thing we think we want isn’t the thing we need. In this case, your goal was to cultivate a professional referral relationship; however, divine protection interceded on your behalf.

    There is some unknown, larger reason that this relationship was not going to serve you. Rather than letting this become a sore spot, a reason to beat yourself up or project that she’s got something to do with this outcome, consider that this relationship would not have progressed smoothly. You were the beneficiary of divine protection running interference to block it before it started.

    We humans tend to personalize such scenarios when the reality is that if it were meant to work, it would be easy. Follow the flow to know that something – anything – is the next best step for you, whether that’s work, relationship or something else.

    For example, what would happen if you pushed this situation? If, after two strikes, you were to schedule for a third time (thinking ‘the third time is the charm’), you’re telling the Universe that you really, really want this experience. This is despite circumstantial evidence that it’s not an easy process. In essence, you’re challenging something far bigger than you by saying ‘yes – I really want that’. And so, you will get it – challenges, bumps in the road and misery included.

    When things don’t come easy, consider that you are being protected from something you can’t yet see. If it’s meant for you, it will come to you in another form or different time. The key is to not personalize what’s happening as a negative.

    And that’s the Bigger Message about divine protection interceding on your behalf.

    Example: Handle When Activated?

    Q: “Do you feel it is best for a person to address a situation to move beyond it when in the midst of the frenetic energy of it or to wait until it IS NOT playing a huge role ‘in the moment’ to address it? My intention is to move beyond it so it no longer repeats itself in the easiest way possible.”

    A: What is best may be different from what is needed; that is, the ideal would be to have addressed a potential issue before it is activated to head it off at the pass, so to speak.

    The least desirable action is to address a situation when it is in high-activation mode as this has the most potential for causing real trauma to one or both parties. Words can be weapons in these moments, so a more productive resolution will occur if one person has the ability to take care of themselves and protect the other by creating a break in the situation. Take a walk, go get a drink, go shadow box in the yard, crank some music… something to let off steam and create a separation from the situation.

    Ideally, both people agree to do this at the same time and return to resolve at a pre-designated time (so it’s not just hanging out there as a bomb cloud). With the clarity of a fresh perspective, the release of the emotional protective mechanisms and the desire to resolve it together, amazing outcomes become everyday miracles because each person is able to see the Bigger Message. And if the resolution is win-win, it’s highly unlikely that the situation will repeat again.

    However, if it does, there is now a foundation for greater awareness and insight to prevent escalation and handle it in the moment with a nudge reminder. And, of course, you can agree to handle future occurrences in a particular way before they happen… the Bigger Message is that you can upgrade your communications and the quality of your relationship with clear and focused action.