The Message Roll

Monday Message: Is Your Current-cy Up To Date?

Are you able to participate in conversations with people of any age, background and/or interests? When you can dialogue with someone significantly younger and significantly older with equal interest and ability to contribute to the conversation in an interesting and engaging way, you can create connection through naturally magnetic charisma....

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Q&A: Divine Protection In Action

Reader Question I had a confusing situation happen with a potential colleague that I’d like to clear about – I wanted to approach her as I am interested in being her ‘go-to’ source for graphic design work. She’s known to work with entrepreneurs and I thought that might be a...

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Monthly Message: Your Current-cy Is Your Vitality In Action

Summary By definition, life is a dynamic process. Life stays current through adaptation, transformation and change or is no longer vibrant with life force energy. Over time, stagnation, stuckness and death are natural outcomes of non-adaptive life force energy. How current you are in the flow of your life adds...

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