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30200161_mLife is a real-world curriculum that gives you situations, relationships and circumstances to grow through into becoming your best self. However, it’s not always easy to know what you are learning because you’re in it.

  • Where can you get the Bigger Message that’s just out of reach on your own?
  • How can you understand the Bigger Message of what’s happening in your life for immediate insight?
  • How do you understand what life is bringing you to make more powerful choices with clarity, ease and joy?

When you have awareness, you relax – that creates a space within you to allow inspiration and draw upon your full presence in any situation.

When you are inspired, you can take new purposeful action. When you are in your power, you can manifest better outcomes. When you take action through inspiration, your life changes.

In other words, your clarity about the Bigger Message is what allows you to change everything.

5751014_sAnd that’s the purpose of The Bigger Message – to give you the awareness of the greater context of your life’s occurrences in helping you become your best self.

Understanding the Bigger Message is a proven path to conscious personal transformation through clarity.

One insight is all it takes to change the rest of your life.

You can get your messages elsewhere but why wait? The Bigger Message makes it easy to see the context of your life in new ways starting today.


Access your Bigger Messages as a member of The Courier Community with these key benefits:

    1. Extended Bigger Message Reflections – going beyond the Monthly Message Highlights, you can gain in-depth insight into a life teaching for personal mastery.
    2. The Bigger Message Monthly Webinar / Tele-Class – a one-hour live webinar (on the last Wednesday of the calendar month at 2:00 pm Central) that teaches about a Bigger Message and answers your personal questions live. This is an opportunity to understand truth at a much more personal level. Each monthly webinar is $29… BUT, as a Courier, you attend for FREE. If you miss it, you can catch a recording of it in The Bigger Message Archive.
    3. Extended Access to Bigger Message Archives – you’ll be able to see the Bigger Messages webinars and resources for the previous three months.

Of course, you’ll also receive all the Message Roll benefits and bonus gifts:

  • Monday Messages to start your week with clear focus.
  • Monthly Message Summaries on the first of the month to give you key insights for that month.
  • Monthly Q&A for real stories and real bigger messages – possibly even your own!
  • Bonus: Everything For A Reason – a guide that explains why things happen the way they do in life.

And when you join The Courier Community today, you will receive these additional welcome bonus gifts:

ttkayThings to Know About Yourself‘ – provoking fresh insights of self-discovery as you see how to think about yourself in new ways.

raReserves Assessment’ – to evaluate your on-hand personal reserves needed to support you in adapting to the changes caused by decoding your Bigger Messages.

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Are you still uncertain?

The pace of living today can make understanding life and why things happen difficult. There’s so much information constantly rushing in that you have to focus on the fires rather than on what’s really going on under the surface. It can feel chaotic and overwhelming to try to suss out the deeper wisdom when life keeps coming at you… and yet, to make powerful decisions, you need clarity. The master key to unlocking your best life happens not by trying to control the circumstances around you but, instead, your choices within.

Essentially, we humans need a framework to understand WHY something happens – the bigger message of it – in order to be able to move forward through our lives easier. Even the most difficult circumstances seem easier and lighter to manage when we can see the bigger picture and connect the dots.

If you’re unwilling or unable to understand the deeper meaning of what’s showing up in your life, your momentum will slow down or even get stuck until you sort it out. You can try to keep going on your own in sorting out your messages (which could mean repeating the patterns, staying stuck, going through unnecessary frustration) OR you could just join the Courier Community for less than the price of eating out one meal a month.

Understand your Bigger Messages and transform your life through greater clarity and deeper insight.

A Quick Recap


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Try The Bigger Message for the first 30 days for just $7 with either plan now…

Here’s to you understanding your Bigger Messages, your greater why and your personal wisdom to successfully transform your life with clarity, ease and joy!