Monday Message: Does Your Life Force Energy Show When You Talk To Others?

You’ll know your life force is showing because you feel good and people are almost magnetically drawn to you. When you are focused on being present in the moment, you are available to connect with others in a dynamic way.

Some of the hallmarks of positive life force energy: a welcoming smile, an easy walk (or gait), flexibility and resilience in handling what life brings, a light in the eyes, an open body posture. If this list isn’t describing you now, that’s ok – it’s merely an invitation to let your inner energy come forward in new ways. Awareness is the first step to creating new results.

Cultivate your ability to feel your own positive life force energy, then practice immersing yourself in it intentionally. When you fill yourself up with positive life force, it cannot help but spill out and slosh on other people giving them permission and a role model to do the same. Everyone wins when you let your life force energy feel good publicly.