Upcoming Class: Honoring The Sacred Bond You Make To Yourself With Commitment

Every commitment you make creates a force in the Universe to bring you the results of your focused transformation as well as a sacred bond with your essential self.

Honoring the sacred bond you voluntarily make with yourself through commitment is a vital key to healthy self-esteem, strong personal resiliency and vibrant manifestation of your desires.  In contrast, not honoring that sacred bond is significant and can have long-lasting effects (particularly on your psyche).

Discover the keys to honoring the sacred bond you make with yourself through commitment:

* How to tell when you’re breaking the bond with yourself
* What you must do in order to follow through
* The #1 key to honoring your commitment (consistency)
* The critical cost of looking backwards
* How you might be sabotaging yourself unconsciously
* 8 signs that you are on-track with your commitment
* A manifestation ritual that supercharges your commitment
* And more…

This webinar is a must-attend if you want to ‘do’ this year different from any other and finally connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be.

DATE: SAMPLE – Last Wednesday of the month
TIME: 2:00 pm Central (12:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm Eastern)
DETAILS: will be emailed to Couriers and upon registration for non-Couriers
TUITION: $29 for non-Couriers / $0 for the Courier Community

About Your Teacher:
Screen Shot 2013-06-29 at 12.32.35 PMLynn Scheurell is a visionary pioneer, spiritual teacher and authority in the area of conscious presence. Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach to conscious awareness, Lynn teaches truth seekers how to identify, align and express their true nature at every stage of life to accelerate results and deepen their joy. As she is ‘bi-lingual’ in speaking the language of spirit AND the language of of personal development, she is able to translate and facilitate self-growth into faster and easier growth. Understand the context for your life’s events and you understand why they happen the way they do for your benefit. www.TheBiggerMessage.com