Monday Message: Is Your Current-cy Up To Date?

Are you able to participate in conversations with people of any age, background and/or interests? When you can dialogue with someone significantly younger and significantly older with equal interest and ability to contribute to the conversation in an interesting and engaging way, you can create connection through naturally magnetic charisma.

Beyond being up to date, you have to have the bandwidth and the ability to de-celerate – to bend time to a different rhythm – in order to accommodate having more profound and meaningful relationships.

One of the ways you can create more space is to’ lighten your load’ by clearing your clutter – emotionally, socially and mentally. That is, consider what beliefs, relationships and thought patterns do not serve you and consciously release them.

Another is to broaden your horizons for knowledge, interests and non-judgment to relate to others in an easy, fluid way. Get interested in what’s happening so you are a more interesting conversation partner.

Altogether, take the time to contemplate where you might be stuck in or living from your past in order to take the steps to increase your current-cy in the now.