Monthly Message: Your Current-cy Is Your Vitality In Action


By definition, life is a dynamic process. Life stays current through adaptation, transformation and change or is no longer vibrant with life force energy. Over time, stagnation, stuckness and death are natural outcomes of non-adaptive life force energy. How current you are in the flow of your life adds to or detracts from your life force vibrancy.

In terms of your life ‘mirrors’, your interactions within different networks (family, work, community) determine the complexity of your life, while the significance of individual relationships within those systems determines their priority for you and your ability to contribute to and through them. Virtually everything in your life is a complex system, from your health to your relationships, to your home to your bank account. And you know the health of these aspects of your personal systems based on how current the signal is within each of them. If they are not important to you, chances are you haven’t put much energy into them. (if they ARE important to you, consider this your invitation to do it different!)

Since your current-cy is a signal as to your overall vitality and flow in life, evaluate your Bigger Message about how current you are in your life right now by considering your environment, career, health, relationships, career and creativity. [Note: members of the Courier Community can access specific questions to support your life evaluation.] Once you identify where you are, you will have greater clarity about how to move forward with your life in new ways.


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