Monthly Message: Commit To Truly Creating Change This Year (Full Edition)

Given the beginning of the new year, people are conditioned to think it’s the magical time that THIS time it will be different. This will finally be the year that they lose their extra weight, make the big money, find their soul mate, live their dreams. And that can be true – of course! All it requires is getting out of our own way based on what we know and have already tried.

However, ironically, we humans are a funny species. We who have the power of manifestation within don’t actually use it. While we want things to be different than ever before, we don’t do what it takes or show up in the way that actually creates change. The gravitational pull of one’s comfort zone can have a strong pull. Real change requires something from you that is deep and profound to create it. You might even know what it is and you STILL don’t follow through on it! And THAT is the pivot point to having your best year yet…

You have the choice of two paths – one that is rigorous, fraught with challenges and not knowing how to handle the unfamiliar as it becomes present. The other path is uncomfortably comfortable because you know the view well. You are already on it whether or not by your conscious choice. To step off that well-worn rut knowingly and choose the first path of change is against natural instinct as humans are wired to seek safety, security and stability. Our biology wants us to choose that which is expected, known and familiar in order to settle into what nature deems most important – protecting what already exists and growing the next generation.

Ironically, the next generation may actually be the next phase of your own development, and therein lies the rub. It will require stepping out beyond what you know as your current comfort zone. It goes against our physical nature to take that kind of risk knowingly. And yet, humans are built for adaptation and discomfort is the only path to growth. Being on the edge of the unknown seems perilous and counter-intuitive to one’s balance and safety. But that is exactly where you stand now, in this turbulent energy that mirrors the chaos of cosmic swirl that births whole galaxies, represented as a point in time and space as a new calendar year robust with the promise of change. It is exciting, destabilizing and heady when you consider what may come next in your life. You have come to the moment of choice and you know it (or you wouldn’t be reading this now).

Choosing the path of voluntary change to create new results requires you to leave the dysfunctional, non-serving comforts of predictability and routine behind. The only key that will support you in continuing the potentially arduous process of true change is your commitment – clear and focused dedication to what you really desire on a deep and profound level to create and experience in your life. Crossing and closing the gap between what is and the desired significant, sustainable life shift is similar to a rocket launch breaking free of the Earth’s gravitational field – it takes huge launch power and coordination of many moving parts to do it. Your commitment to change MUST be bigger than the siren song of the (dis)comfort(s) you have known up until now.

In fact, if you find that you have different challenges today than you did a year ago, that means you have grown. If you are experiencing similar challenges to your last year, you are likely approaching that problem with a new awareness, skill set or deeper commitment to resolve it. How is that possible? Because it is impossible to be in a sentient body that is ever-changing as it moves through different relationship combinations in different environments. In other words, according to the ancient philosopher, Heraclitus, it is impossible to step in the same river twice. Celebrate the shifts that you notice on every level to add to your positive change momentum.

You will find that change is easier to maneuver when you release the judgment of yourself for not attaining it sooner. If you could have, you would have…enough said. The only time you can take action is now, and that will affect both now AND later with a different future than would exist without that action.

One of the core challenges that each person must face in committing to and living through a change process is that of personal accountability. It is what you do when you are alone and no one is looking that determines the degree of embodiment you actually have around your goal. If you discover that you are not following through when alone, your commitment is somehow marginalized. It may be that you aren’t as interested as you thought you were in your new results or that you will get better results by shifting the target goal. In such cases, release what isn’t serving you as soon as you discover it – and without judgment – so you can move on to what really resonates and you can truly commit to for yourself.

The moment you become aware of the desire to create change and commit to it, any unconscious choices, actions and behaviors will come up for release. Every act, every word, every choice point will now be the result of your inner clarity and commitment to create the life you desire. You may discover that, while you thought you were ready, you are handling unforeseen changes. For example, you may commit to becoming exceptionally wealthy. The path to that new state can come through inheritance, being gifted with it or earning it. Just taking the last path as an example, your life rhythm could change as you focus more on your career. You may realize you need more stamina to accommodate your heightened focus, so you commit to a workout or food program. Your friends may not understand and, if they are unable or unwilling to see your new focus through, you may have to attract new friends. Changing your life through commitment in one area affects everything else in your life.

When you truly commit to change, nothing can be the same from that point forward. Your life will begin moving in new ways. You must relate to your life with new perspective from the inside out in order to acclimate to the shifts that will occur. That may cause you to question everything you’ve ever known – and you can’t go back to your previous mindset because you have already expanded. Being self-accountable for that which you truly desire and commit to having is the least complicated way to achieve change. That is for two reasons; first, because you willingly choose it and second, because nobody can monitor you in your alone moments to make different choices. Nobody can do it for you. You alone must ‘own’ your commitment in order to successfully experience your new results.

Your environment is your external body. Consider your environment from when you were ten years old and you will find that it would no longer suit you today. Similarly, the environment around you reflects who you were up until now; when you commit to change, it’s best to upgrade your environment to accommodate your commitment to a new state of being in your life. Just as a commitment to living healthy will require you to get rid of the junk food snacks in your kitchen, your commitment will certainly require at least some shift in your environment. Take the time to do an audit of your environment to ensure that it supports your commitment and expected new results.

Career is one of the most important life areas because it drives so much of your life economically, intellectually and, potentially, socially. A commitment to creating real change in your life must account for your current career choices and status. You may need to uplevel your career, which may require new skills or education. Or you might possibly need to start a business on the side to fulfill your inner drive for creativity and/or making a bigger difference. Or you may need to change occupation or industry altogether to work in a way that supports your commitment.

A commitment to creating change on any level will affect your health, either as a result of the need to fuel your transformation, a stress response to something new OR a surge of energy as you release that which doesn’t support you and your physical energy becomes free. Often, a significant transformation will feel lighter and so will your digestive habits in that you will be drawn to lighter meals and smaller portions. You may discover that you need to have an outlet for the extra energy you feel. And you may also need to pay attention to flagging commitments to self-care after the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over. You are here in physical form for a reason; without health, you cannot fulfill your greater purpose or see your commitment through in a robust and vital way.

The people in your world relate to you as they know you up until now; that is, the people closest to you will likely be the last to see, acknowledge and/or support your change process. They love you as you are now and when you commit and create change in your life, they must adapt to the new you. Your commitment will force them to change in response to who you become as a result of your commitment. Take the time to consider carefully who you choose to take with you in your new way of being as this is the time to allow completions if the relationship does not serve you both mutually. You may also find that you attract different kinds of people into your world as you find your energetic match in this transformed state. The best way to enhance your discernment as to whether they support your commitment to seeing your change process through to completion is how you feel about them when in (and after being in) their presence. If you typically feel lighter, positive and happy, that is a good connection. If you feel heavy, dense or negative more often than not, that is a sign that you will likely need to attract and invest in new relationships.

Change is the act of life force energy in motion. Creativity is the sacred dancing through you. When you are aligned with what you are calling in, and commit to making it happen, you will find yourself thinking in new ways. You will be more open to fresh possibilities. Ideas will pop into your mind easily and you will feel the universal flow of dynamic creational energy in unexpected ways. The reason commitment is required for ultimate creativity is because the ‘container’ of commitment consolidates and condenses creativity to express. Think of creativity as popcorn, which cannot pop until it is pressurized in a hot container; the same is true for your creativity. When you create a container for your creativity, through your commitment to a change process, your creativity can – and will – flourish.

Life Purpose:
You will find that your commitment to change will bring forward what feels light and easy AND the shadows in the dark places within you. The good news is that you will see that which does not serve you in living your life purpose more easily because you have called forward the disruptors, the distractions and the dysfunctional constraints that kept you living away from what you truly desire in your life. Your life purpose is to be more of who you are with each passing day, to be the vessel of dynamic life force energy through your own unique expression, to manifest that which is in your essential self to support others here on this plane of existence. Your life purpose is to a) ultimately, connect more deeply and be one with Source energy (your Higher Power, whatever that may be) and b) fulfill the distinct reason for being by expressing your natural talents in some service to others. Each of us benefits by our connections with others (whether or not that is for payment in return). Your life purpose shows you how your innate essence is here to make a difference; by discovering more about it through the lens of your commitment, you call your life purpose forward into a more robust expression of itself.

Altogether, through your commitment to change in order to achieve new, more desirable results in your life, you will invoke powerful forces that have considerable power in many ways to shape the rest of your life. There is a raw, naked, commanding truth in a sincere commitment.

The Bigger Message is that you will never be more ready than you are right now to create and experience that which you desire and which you articulate through your commitment. You will know a true commitment from a superficial one because you will not allow anything to stand in your way of achieving what you really want when it’s real. You will adjust, adapt, flex, fix, work through, go around, transcend and neutralize any obstacles to having what you desire. And, when your commitment to change is sincere, the forces of the Universe will conspire on your behalf to make the process as easy as possible for you.