Pump Up the Change Volume

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”
~ Frank Lloyd Wright 

Can you relate to this? You oversleep, which means you don’t have time to get ready and your hair doesn’t want to cooperate. You have to take your coffee in a to-go cup, which spills in your car on your new pants. Meanwhile, you miss the call and discover a voicemail from your major client who tells you they don’t want your product after all. And when you finally get to your meeting, you forgot all your materials at home. This, my friend, is called the power of negative spiral thinking.

The good news about that is that where there is down, there is up. That is, there is just as much, if not even more, power in positive thinking. You may not notice it when it’s working for you, because it feels good. We tend to notice what’s not right because we are programmed from our Neanderthal roots to filter out the familiar. And if the familiar means normal, then what is abnormal is what stands out – in this case, if things run smoothly, we get comfortable and lax about really going for what we want in (or out of!) life.

If your life seems to be consistently scenario one, it’s time to make a big change. Worse, if your life is routinely smooth and you’re bored with it, it’s time to pump up the change volume!

So, how do you pump up the change? Here are three strategies to help you get started…

  1. Check your belief systems. Seriously, do a systems check on what’s happening underneath whatever you’re thinking right now. If you’re thinking that’s a silly idea, why do you think that? Isn’t your life important enough to take the time to find out what’s underneath your thoughts? Because your beliefs influence the thoughts you think, and the thoughts you think create feelings. When you have feelings, you will experience emotions in your body. And when you have emotions, you are likely to act on them. When you have action, you have results. So, follow the formula… Beliefs cause Actions which cause your Results. Think BAR. To get different results, it’s time to raise the BAR.
  2. Look at your flock. Yes, it’s true… the old adage says that birds of a feather flock together. Who are you “flocking” with? Who is in your tribe, chosen or inherited? If you aren’t impressed with the five people closest to you in your world for some reason, or if you don’t feel like you fit with them anymore, or you don’t feel good around them consistently, or you feel like you have to turn down your vibe so they don’t feel bad, it’s time to get some new feathered friends.
  3. Take a tour of where you live. Because though you live there, chances are you aren’t seeing your living space like other people do. Remember – we filter out the familiar, so you probably aren’t even seeing the broken thing, with the scratch on it, sitting on the floor collecting dust. If you have burned out light bulbs, or some appliance that doesn’t work, or clothes that don’t fit that you never wear, or stacks of magazines from 1972, you have a flow problem. How can you bring in new stuff when you’re full to the brim with all that old stuff? How can you show people you’re serious about creating success when you aren’t even taking care of your living space?

You CAN pump up the volume on change, but it takes raising the BAR, have the right people in your life, and making sure your environment reflects your self-esteem. Using positive spiral thinking will pump you up AND create change in your life. Believe in yourself enough to take action TODAY!

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