Q&A: What Are The Typical Challenges That Can Block A Person’s Success?


What are the typical challenges that can block a person’s success?

The word ‘typical’ is a bit of a misnomer because every person has unique variables, paradigms and backstories. That being said, there are two key challenges that trip people up at their core. The first is “I’m not worthy” (or I’m not ‘enough’) and the second is some version of “I’m unlovable.” Typically, one of these two are really at the bottom of nearly every limitation, constriction, projection, assumption, and/or self-sabotaging thought.

The good news is that once you make the commitment and create the internal shift required, you create new opportunities.

Here are some of the variations in how those challenges show up:

1. Soul Song:
Being confused on what you’re really here to do, what your gifts are and how to make a meaningful difference in your life. There is an illusory container that limits living your soul song – and you can shatter it when you know how.

2. The Big F:
The assorted fears that come up that become paralyzing, including: fear of judgment, having to leave people behind when you grow, making a decision and then getting bored with it, feeling trapped in undesirable situations and more.

Then there are the deeper fears, such as fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of fitting in, fear of freaking out and more literally suck the life out of your momentum – that can really feel damaging. When you understand the invitation in the fear, you can turn it into productive focus.

3. Distortions:
The dysfunctional core beliefs that twist your clarity in making decisions and progress, like confusing consciousness with healing, the imposter phenomenon (if they really knew me, they’d know I don’t know what I’m doing and leave me), approaching relationships with what you think they want vs. who you really are and how to see through them.

4. Self-Esteem:
To be more specific, LACK of self-esteem is a challenge that is all too common. Not being able to speak up about your abilities with confidence, not knowing you have something valuable to offer others, not being visible for your contributions and more will undermine your results. Learning how to access your natural inner self-confidence is a power approach to a better quality of life.

5. Old GPS:
As you’ve grown, you’re still trying to navigate by old systems and paradigms of how the world is organized. It’s like trying to fly a plane with a map from 1927 – the terrain just isn’t like that anymore! In practical terms, this looks like leaning on a learned coping strategy of being invisible for safety, nurturing others at your own expense and/or having a ‘lack’ (or scarcity) mentality. Updating your GPS will support you in having a fresh perspective and creating what you really want in your life.

This is not a ‘Guiding Profit System’ that will work for you to become abundant – discover what you can do to see your GPS with fresh perspective for new choices. Entrepreneuring isn’t about fame and fortune first – those are natural by-products of doing what you love in the right way and using the right manifestation formula for you. Figure out your freedom formula and you’ll be making a living from who you are! 😉

6. Practical How-To’s:
Sometimes the basics of living life – time management, navigating relationships, handling sticky situations – can trip people up. It’s not enough to know your personal Freedom Formula in living your best life – you must put steps into motion that create and sustain it on the practical level of daily living.

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