Q&A: Why Are Some Things Easier to Manifest Than Others?

There are many reasons why this can be the case…

  1. If your energy is not aligned with something you want to manifest, it cannot manifest for you until you are in alignment. The greater the gap, the more time required for manifestation.
  2. If you are in touch with your consciousness, you likely know that energy can manifest on a quantum level; however, you are living on the physical plane which is dense and requires more time for manifestation. Rather than zipping from here to there, manifestation on the physical plane requires the walking or running from here to there. When we align our energy with what we want, we are easily compelled toward it with the least amount of effort. And yet it still takes longer than on the etheric plane, which some part of your cellular structure may recall and, therefore, it seems more difficult on the physical plane.
  3. If you are not attached to a particular thing manifesting, it is easier to manifest because you are not attached to the outcome. It is when you expect a certain thing a certain way in certain timing with certain people that it takes longer – there are a lot of variables to line up. And if any of them change during the lining-up phase, everything changes so the process may have to start all over again.
  4. If your intended desire is really significant, there may be a lot of things that are needed to actualize it. For example, if you looking for true love and are not interested in anything less, then it may take years to make that come to pass. Think of it like dinner… what takes longer – a Big Mac meal or a filet mignon prepared exactly to your taste?
  5. If you change your intentions around your goals, it’s like changing the way you’ve ordered a meal in a restaurant… every time the order is underway for preparation, if there is a change in your request, everything has to shift to accommodate. Your clarity is a big key to conscious manifesting in a streamlined, efficient way.
  6. If you’re not thinking big enough, the Universe may have a hard time reducing your request into the thing you want. For example, if you’re asking to get $10,000 but your destiny is $1 million, the Universe has to shave down that bigger deliverable to match the size of your request. As another example, if you want to manifest a new home and you’re thinking cute cottage, the mansion that was on the way needs to be pared down to match your request – and that will take longer.


Time is actually non-existent when it comes to manifesting – it is only our human perception of time that makes the process of manifestation seem longer or shorter. That being said, focus on your clarity, visualization, intentions, release of what is in the way and taking new actions to help make the process of conscious manifestation as efficient as possible.