Q&A: Why Can I Not Make The Changes I Want?

When you choose to create a result that is different from what you’ve already experienced, you are pushing beyond your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is what you have already determined is safe and secure – even if it’s not what you really want.

For example, you may want to drop some weight – but you live in a colder climate and your body holds on to the weight for protection against the elements. Or you are highly sensitive and your body has become a form of protection as ‘armor’ against energetic onslaught. Or there is some fear about what would happen if you actually achieved your goal weight.

There is always a positive pay-off to both your dream AND the fear associated with having it. On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle from top to bottom and another from left to right – you will have four boxes. Label the rows as Get It and Fear, then label the columns with your Dream / Goal and then the Same or it’s opposite (what happens if you don’t have or get it). See this example:
Q and A for Making ChangeNow work through each box with the idea of understanding the positive pay-off of each square. What is the positive pay-off of getting your dream? Of staying the same or getting the opposite of your dream?

For example, someone may dream of being slim AND feel that people might judge them unless they stay the same.

Repeat the process for fearing your dream – what is the pay-off for having fear about your dream? What is the positive pay-off for allowing fear to keep you in the same place or getting the opposite result?

There is always a positive pay-off to what we do and what we do not do in life. When you can reveal to yourself the positive pay-off that you may not know you are getting, you give yourself new choice and freedom to take different action. And that’s the Bigger Message…

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