Monthly Message: What’s Love Got To Do With Everything Else? (Full Edition)

Love is an indicator of how open, willing and able you are to receive in life. That means your love level affects your income, your health and any other areas of life fulfillment! When you are open to receive love, you are open to receive abundance – and vice-versa. The good news is that you can start creating change at either end of that spectrum.

To set the stage for how growing your personal love levels and growing your life as a whole are intimately linked, it’s important to see the connection between the two.

Imagine that there is a pole that extends from the ground up into the clouds. The ground is the physical world and the clouds are the spiritual awareness world. When you are committed through living in full presence in this physical world, you have one hand on each end of that pole.

What happens when you have one hand on either end of a pole – a continuum – like that? The answer – whatever blocks that are in the way of the conduit of the flow between those two ends will come up to be addressed. That means your shadows will have to get handled, your fears, your insecurities, your limitations, your projections, your self-talk… whatever is in the way between those two poles that is slowing or blocking transmission will have to get handled within you in order for your life (and business, income, health, relationships, etc.) to grow more smoothly.

Now imagine that pole represents your ability to receive from spirit into physical form, including love, money, opportunities, miracles, good health, etc. Anything that is blocking your ability to receive will come forward for you to handle it. If you learn how to receive more love, you will automatically affect your ability to receive more in all your life areas. So, to increase your revenues, relationships and robust health, increase your love levels.


Three Ways to Jumpstart Your Love Levels Today


ONE: Imagine all the people whose lives you have touched throughout this lifetime – friends, family, colleagues, clients, customers – anybody at all who would say that you have helped them in some way. Imagine them all clustered in one place, all sending you love with open arms and faces filled with gratitude… feel that level of love coming into your heart… and you will find that your heart HAS to expand to accommodate that much love.

TWO: Look at where you constrict love from entering your world and why. For example, it is too common to see a person who really, really wants love but sabotages it. They see someone they’re attracted to, they send out a little butterfly of love from their heart, it goes through their BS (belief systems), fights through their filters and barriers and resistance to finally fly out to their intended beloved – and, by the time it gets there, it resembles something like a pterodactyl! It’s nothing like what they sent out originally. (Of course, it also goes through the receiver’s resistance and barriers and filters and belief systems, so it completely changes form by the time the other actually gets it! They have their own stuff to grow through too.)

One of the interesting things about love is that what we experience of love is actually how we love ourselves channeled, or reflected, back to us through that other person. The cleaner you make your love signal, the cleaner it comes back to you. And the same is true for anything you desire in life – the cleaner your attraction signal, the cleaner your results.

The point is that you want to consider what distortions you may have that are encoded in your love pattern. To do that, look at your love life over time to find threads of patterns, the similarities that can be decoded with your new clarity. For example, if you see that your relationships always seem to break at the same phase – like, considering a deeper level of commitment – that’s a pattern. What happens right before or around that event? THAT’s the place where you can affect your love levels going forward (and will likely mirror your life, career / business and health experiences in some way too).

THREE: Write a list of emotions and feelings you want to experience when you’re in love. This is NOT about the other person! This is about how you feeeeeeel when you’re in love so you can attract it. If you do this properly, it will require a new expansion of your love levels. You will have to acknowledge your needs in order to honor them. And then you’ll have to objectively consider if how you are being is in alignment with receiving what you’re asking for… if not, you’ll need to adapt.

For example, if you want to feel secure in a warm embrace from your partner who loves, adores and accepts you as you are, do you love, adore and accept yourself? Are you judgmental of others or try to change them – or accept them as they are? We attract our match.

Said another way, we seek the teeth that match our wounds. If you don’t get your shadows handled, you will attract whatever is in them in an external form. In this case, use how you want to feeeel as an indicator of the personal growth work that can change your love life – and your business. (You can also receive more through business and have a better love life, by the way.)

As you clarify and expand your ability to receive love, your business results will synchronize accordingly. Love’s got everything to do with business… it’s highly personal. Change your business results by having the love of your life – starting right now.