Monthly Message: Your Current-cy Is Your Vitality In Action (Full Edition)

By definition, life is a dynamic process. Life stays current through adaptation, transformation and change or is no longer vibrant with life force energy. Over time, stagnation, stuckness and death are natural outcomes of non-adaptive life force energy.

There is a field of study called ‘complexity science’ which considers how complex systems evolve – from a cell to an insect to a bird to financial institutions. There are two powerful tenets that underlie this branch of science. One is that complexity is the result of simple rules of interaction; that is, consider a swarm of birds who fly in swooping packs in the dusk-time sky. These swarms are comprised of individual birds and yet you don’t see just one bird, nor do you see them breaking formation. There is an emergence of a whole entity that cannot be predicted by its individual components – that reflects a complex system in action. And two, every complex system is understood as a network of interactions; that is, there are links between the interactions that occur that distinguish the ability of any particular individual element to have control and/or contribute value. Complexity science has determined that there is typically a center of the system with a core node within that system; the core node controls a greater part of the outcome than all the other individual elements combined. In the case of the bird swarms, that means that there are only a handful of birds dictating the elegant shapes made from their formations based on unknown elements (wind speed, air currents, temperature, etc.). For our purposes here, you are the ultimate complex system.

Your interactions within different systems (family, work, community) determine the complexity of your life, while the significance of individual relationships within those systems determines their priority for you and your ability to contribute to and through them. Virtually everything in your life is a complex system, from your health to your relationships, to your home to your bank account. And you know the health of these aspects of your personal systems based on how current the signal is within each of them.

For example, if you’re in a dead-end job, are overweight, aren’t happy with your social life, it is a signal that you’ve gotten away from what’s truly important to you in these areas. When you are current (as in, engaged with what’s important, cultivating your best, dynamically involved in present time), you are in the flow of being current with that part of your life. When you not current with a particular aspect of your life, you might avoid calling friends, miss special events, tolerate things being messy or not look forward to getting up in the morning. Each of these is an invitation to upgrade your current-cy to transform to your next best level of being.

One reason people find themselves in a position of living from their past is that they worked so hard to achieve that, once they arrived, they wanted to enjoy the fruits of their labor. That’s perfectly understandable – until it’s apparent that same person is ‘coasting on their laurels’, is feeling entitled to continuing rewards despite not contributing for them or using manipulation to get their needs met. In such cases, their current comfort zone is more important than being engaged in the dynamic dance of life. The natural process of transformation now represents something very different for that person – layers of fear, fatigue or lack of focus can hold them back from getting their needs met through current activities.

There is one other aspect that must be considered in moving forward with greater vitality and it is that of psychic debt. Just like any other debt, psychic debt drains energy away from your present vitality to ‘feed’ your past. This looks like:

• old relationships that have become dull, boring or even toxic,
• self-judgment about decisions made in the past,
• a commitment to struggling just as you always have,
• not surpassing your parents earning potential in your ability to earn,
• avoiding someone on the street rather than greeting them,
• living between the lines because someone told you to,
• limiting the pursuit of new opportunities for fear of judgment from others,
• etc.

When you combine psychic debt with stagnant energy, you can see how a complex system like yourself can get lost in what was and rely on historical data rather than stepping up to change with current input socially, mentally, professionally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. That’s a lot of data to integrate in order to stay current!

Since your current-cy is a signal as to your overall vitality and flow in life, here are seven different aspects that you can consider to evaluate your Bigger Message about current you are in your life right now. Once you identify where you are, you will have greater clarity about how to move forward with your life in new ways.

Would you want to hang out with you? Do you have engaging, fresh and interesting conversational reference points? Consider your personal interests – when is the last time you indulged them? Are you aware of local, national and international events? Do you use contemporary language in your speech patterns? Take a few minutes to go on Google Trends, pop onto Facebook or stop through a local coffeehouse to learn what people are talking about today. Then see if there’s a local class you might want to take to brush up on a new skill or talent.

Look at your home (and your workplace) through the eyes of a stranger. Does your space reflect someone who is living in the present or are your furnishings dated? Are you drawn to the colors and design themes you are surrounded by daily? Does your environment reflect that it is an extension of you in a positive, lively, healthy way? Go room by room with a clipboard to make notes on what you want to change – that becomes your ‘to do’ list.

When you think about your work, do you get excited about your projects? Do you feel like you are making a significant contribution to something bigger than you? Do you enjoy what you do every day? Are you using your skills, talents and gifts in a way that’s fun for you or are you feeling under-utilized (and possibly under-valued)? In the Western world, we attach a significant part of our personal identity to our work. Take some time to consider if you really enjoy your work and, if not, what you would change about it. It might be as simple as getting a new computer or as intricate as changing professions or starting a new business. To get started, write out your ideal work day and then contrast it with what you do daily now – the ‘gap’ will because your focal point to create new current-cy.

Scientists are learning that the human physical body was biologically designed to last 120 years (and the IRS actuarial tables agree!). Regardless of your age, how do you feel in your body? Do you have aches, pains, twinges, illness or fatigue? When is the last time you really felt how it is to BE in your body? What could you be doing better to take care of it for a healthier life? What lifestyle choices are diminishing your quality of life right now? If you have blocks in your physical body (congestion, clogged energy pathways), you are slowing or even blocking your life current-cy. Now you are at a choice point – you can do what you’ve always done up until now OR get current with what your body needs right now. Start by closing your eyes to really feeeeel your body and make note of any symptoms that come up to indicate you could be feeling better. If your body wants different nutrition, more water or to work out, start there… and seek the counsel of professionals to support your new commitments to feeling physically good.

Do you feel supported in your current relationships? Do you feel balanced in giving and receiving in your relationships? Your relationships are the key to understanding yourself better because your relationships exist to teach you about yourself. Consider your colleagues, family and significant other – in each case, different needs are being met. Are you showing up in your power in each of them or do you tend to stay small to play it safe? Do you speak your truth? Are you clear in asking for what you want? Are you comfortable with the level of connection you’re enjoying in your relationships? Take some time to systematically review each of your significant relationships to ask if they are a 10 (on a scale of 1 – 10); if not, consider what you want to be different, then make it happen. Typically in this scenario, the bigger message is that you need to show up more authentically so begin with what you can do different to create more supportive, positive relationships.

Where there is creativity, there is dynamic life currency. Creativity does not mean only that you can paint or draw or play an instrument; rather, it is how you see your world, solve problems and approach learning new things. Your creativity is how you birth something new into the world, whether it’s a project, a product or a child. Creativity allows you to flex in innovating solutions, giving you a sense of freedom in making new choices. To jumpstart your creativity, hold up a pen or pencil right now. How many things could that be… a giant tree in Who-ville? A memory-wiping laser mechanism (think Men In Black)? Turn everyday situations and occurrences into opportunities to play with your creativity – how would it speak through that event? What possibilities are lurking there? If you do want to focus on art, what’s the latest trend? What new artists are sweeping music, painting, writing? Pay attention to others’ creativity to honor your own as it is a sure-fire way to open up new current-cy.

Life Purpose:
Your life purpose is not your job, nor is it found outside of you, deemed upon you by someone else or fit into a nice, tidy plan. Your life purpose is that which animates your unique essence to express in the world. It is your secret sauce that weaves through your thoughts, actions and behaviors. It is that which has been with you since birth. If you are feeling unfulfilled, unexpressed or an aching yearning to do something other than what you are doing in your life right now, you must acknowledge it. Our life purpose pulls us forward into creating a life that feels meaningful. When you are aligned with who you came here to be on the most profound level, you will discover a natural ebullience to how you show up in life. To begin the self-discovery process of your life purpose, begin by examining the threads of your life – what have you always been naturally good at? What do others recognize as your talents? Where does time fly for you when you’re doing something? It doesn’t have to be “important” to anyone but you. This is likely to be one of the most significant bigger messages you will ever receive in your life – once you get it, you must actively honor it.

Altogether, know that change is not only ok – it is required for survival of any species. Staying stuck in a time warp serves no one. Paying attention to what is current is how you can ensure your life force energy stays dynamic, fluid and attractive. Current-cy is your vitality in action… and that’s your Bigger Message.