Monday Message: The Key To Authentic Love

When you feel like you aren’t doing something that is not in alignment with your greatest personal power, your inner ‘GPS’ will send you a message. That alert message is showing you where you are out of bounds with who you are here to be and that it’s time to claim your next best level in life and business.

If you are receiving an alert message about love, it’s time to revisit what love means to you. People have described love as getting gifts, spending time with their significant other, hearing sweet whispers in their ear, being physically intimate and/or when someone does something for them. While all of these can signal authentic love, there is a deeper key to experiencing authentic love. And you hold it within right now.

The key to authentic love is your perception of feeeeeeeling love. There are two ways that love can present within you – one is the expectation that others will give to you and so you will feel love, the other is that you are so full of love within that it can’t help but overflow and ‘slosh’ all over other people. The second is the one that is most rewarding because it’s the one that you can actually control. And it’s the love ‘frequency’ that you’re putting out… in that moment, you are emitting a love signal that others will match (vs. receiving what other people think is love for you).

The key to authentic love is being love from the inside out. When you accept others as they are and without expectation of change, when you have compassion for others, when you have joy simply because life is good, you have set the stage for authentic love. It’s an inside job that lets everyone win.