The Keys To Manifesting What You Really Want

Manifestation literally is the result, or expression, of your power in alignment with your desires. What you manifest in life is an echo, or reflection, of the energy that you are putting out.

To power up your ability to manifest your intentional outcomes on the physical plane, there are principles you need to know AND steps you can take to manifest deliberately.

The invitation within the act of intentional manifesting is that you attune yourself to match what it is that you want to attract. That is, if you want to a new relationship, you must be good partner material.

There is always a matching picture to your vibrational frequency – it is this which manifests on the physical plane. It is what we call manifestation but the reality is that the manifestation already exists – we are merely bringing ourselves to match it in order to experience it.

The Universe always seeks balance; the same is true whether it’s the ebb and flow of the ocean or within an individual’s life. Your life will be the sum total balance of the energy that you put out over your lifetime.

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