The Keys To Manifesting What You Really Want

First, a definition:

Main Entry: man·i·fes·ta·tion
Pronunciation: “ma-n&-f&-‘stA-sh&n, -“fe-‘stA-
Function: noun
1 a : the act, process, or an instance of manifesting b (1) : something that becomes tangible or exists in actualized form (2) : a perceptible, outward, or visible expression c : one of the forms in which an individual is manifested d : an occult phenomenon; specifically :  MATERIALIZATION
2 : a public demonstration of power and purpose

Manifestation literally is the result, or expression, of your power in alignment with your desires. What you manifest in life is an echo, or reflection, of the energy that you are putting out.

To power up your ability to manifest your intentional outcomes on the physical plane, there are principles you need to know AND steps you can take to manifest deliberately.

The invitation within the act of intentional manifesting is that you attune yourself to match what it is that you want to attract. That is, if you want to a new relationship, you must be good partner material. The Universe always seeks balance; the same is true whether it’s the ebb and flow of the ocean or within an individual’s life. Your life will be the sum total balance of the energy that you put out over your lifetime.

There is an act of trust that is involved in the act of conscious manifestation, in that you know that the Universe has your back. When you trust yourself to create, you are trusting the Universe because the Universe is living through you. You are an expression of the Universe in physical form.

Additionally, as a result, you embody the power of all creation within you to create with intentional focus. There is no separation, or middle man, between where you are and what you want in your life. That being said, there is a consciousness and a personal accountability required – and therein lies the rub. People often want change but they don’t want to do the work to have it.

You must know that you are worthy of receiving that which you want to manifest. There’s a knowing within that is needed… you must know that you can attract the outcomes you want AND that you get to have them when they arrive. It’s important to greet them with gratitude and accommodate your life around finally having them (for as long as you do). Being able to actually receive the expression of yourself in tangible form is not as easy as you think… consider the last time you were really upset and needed a hug – and then got it. It’s likely you cried even harder. ;+)

It’s imperative that you recognize that whatever is manifesting in your life is a result of who you have been and where your energy was focused up until now. Receive it all with appreciation because it’s clearly what was needed at some point; now that you have it, by embracing it, you empower yourself to create the new forms of your desires going forward.

In other words, if you cannot receive and embrace what you already have in your life, you dilute your power to manifest what you want going forward. It would be similar to acknowledging a new friend and then rejecting them because they are wearing a green shirt. How likely is it that you would attract a new friend if that is your reaction?

Energy is very literal – it takes the path of least resistance. If you don’t want the new friend because they represent what you wanted then vs. now, the energy will move that person on into their next relationship without you. And then bring you someone who is the energetic match of your intention and presence. In that case, it may be someone who dresses appropriately but is judgmental and critical.

By the way, you cannot hate your way into manifesting what you would love to experience or have on the physical plane. There is always a matching picture to your vibrational frequency – it is this which manifests on the physical plane. It is what we call manifestation but the reality is that the manifestation already exists – we are merely bringing ourselves to match it in order to experience it. If your energy is harsh, critical or heavy, that will be the filter of what you will attract as everything must pass through and reflect those qualities to be in balance with you.

In fact, even the things that people would label as ‘bad’ are here for your benefit. They show you the level of your personal energy frequency by bringing you the match of it. It’s like a big mirror that when you understand how to use it for true sight, you can change the reflection to be what you want – that’s what we think of as manifestation.

There are two more invitations for your personal self-mastery within the cycle of intentional manifestation.

One is to have compassionate detachment about the outcomes you experience. That is, you cannot be ‘hooked’ to having them show up in a particular time or form; rather, your role is to trust that whatever comes in is the highest form available to match your frequency. You must release your expectation and trust with an authentic knowing that your request will be fulfilled in right timing and form by the Universe.

The other is that you must become aware of your higher self, your connection to all that is and the embodiment you are of universal intention. It’s no mistake that you are here. You are a particle of a much greater consciousness. And when you know and honor that, you will discover a new life flow. By aligning with your highest possible vibration in every moment, your life will change (probably) dramatically. What you manifest will be supercharged in both timing and form. And you will experience less (if any) friction with the world around you.

Now you know the principles (or unchanging, timeless guidelines) of manifesting what you really want:

  • Life is an echo of the energy you are putting out; you will manifest your match.
  • You are the Universe living in physical form.
  • Trusting yourself is trusting the Universe.
  • The only separation between now and what you want is your personal vibration.
  • You are continuously manifesting everything in your life.
  • Gratitude is the highest frequency for (on-going) manifestation.
  • You must know that you are worthy of your manifestations.
  • Energy always takes the path of least resistance.
  • Detachment allows you to receive the highest form of your desire.
  • Manifestation is more powerful when you are in communion with your higher self.

In terms of how your focus on intentional manifestation will work throughout your life, read on…


When you are focused on being congruent with your higher self, making decisions from that vantage point, your life will take on a new level of ease. Your stress will be reduced and you will be more comfortable within yourself.

At the same time, making a commitment to upgrade your manifestation results means not only handling what is in your world now but also cleaning up your energy field (or frequency). Your ability to create what you want will increase in proportion to the health and positivity of your habits, beliefs, perceptions, presence, self-responsibility, choices and actions. At first, simply becoming aware of your habits will be enough to keep you in discovery; from there, you will find you can expand into new areas.

Once you take the path of the Bigger Message as it is presenting in your life, you cannot stay uninformed and negligent. You will begin to see your life through metaphysical eyes and take responsibility for who you are and what you are creating. It may not always be easy but it is ALWAYS rewarding.


As you intentionally manifest, the ‘container’ of your life – your environment – will reflect your new outcomes. For example, you cannot manifest a six-figure job and continue living in a marginally decorated studio wearing hand-me-down clothing. What is around you is the barometer of your manifestation; therefore, your environment is critical to what you are creating.

You may begin your manifestation process by working with your environment. Decluttering, repairing, replacing items and bringing in new décor that represents who you are now is the fastest path to creating new outcomes. Your inner belief systems cannot tolerate an imbalance between a beautiful outer environment and a shabby inner one, so your thoughts and beliefs will naturally shift to accommodate. The reverse is true as well… as you upgrade your self-talk and beliefs, your environment will upgrade in both appearance and functionality.


Manifestation is a process of alignment. As a result, when you become more self-accountable to what you really want, and shift your mindset, behaviors and support systems accordingly, your career will naturally expand to bring you to the right work.

If you begin your manifestation process with upgrading your career, it will affect the rest of your life. As you get into your right work (either by the employer, industry or position), the compensation you receive will match your contribution. You will find that you are happier, make more money and/or have better benefits, with people who you really enjoy. Remember, these circumstances manifest as a result of your willingness to transmute your energetic vibrational field into a match for them.


Your physical health is a measure of your emotional, spiritual, mental, sexual and energetic balance. Anything that is not resolved in any of those areas will present as an issue in your physical health. The good news is that once you have the symptom of any illness or disease, you can track back to your energy level that manifested it.

For example, a sore throat could mean that you haven’t been speaking your truth. Cancer is a sign of suppressed anger, while epilepsy is a push-back to feeling fearful and overwhelmed. These are obviously sweeping statements! However, there is always a metaphysical insight to be discovered as a Bigger Message to any corresponding physical symptom.

When you become aware of the power of intentional manifesting, you also become aware of how your body has manifested by default what you were not aware of as it was happening. Where you did not have (or avoided) consciousness in manifesting, your body took the proverbial ‘hit’. The good news is that you can intentionally manifest better health and greater vitality by handling the energetic frequency that caused the issue.

(For more on this, see a great book called Messages From The Body by clicking here)


When you intentionally manifest with awareness, you become happier. When you are happier, you are magnetically attractive to other people. Think of how you may have been single at one time, looking for a partner until you started dating someone – THEN all the wonderful options decided to come out of the woodwork! It’s because you amped up your attraction frequency, which got traction with your partner – and became a signal for others who matched it to approach you.

Intentional manifesting can also have an effect on your existing relationships. Your loved ones, family and friends may be thrilled with your outcomes… or they may be threatened. As you upgrade your life circumstances, it can be a trigger for their unseen or unresolved ‘gunk’. They may feel left behind, or not good enough, or like they have to do something different or more in order to match your new levels of success. Their experience is theirs to have and your experience is yours to have… the invitation is to have authentic dialogue about what you each want to manifest (individually and together) going forward.


Creativity is not limited to artistic pursuits. When you realize that you can have whatever you truly desire, your creativity naturally rises to meet your potential. By inviting intentional manifestation into your life on a regular basis, you avail yourself to fresh sources of creativity, problem-solving and life invention. Inspired insights spark your projects and infuse your thinking with new possibility. And seeing what used to be a ‘challenge’ becomes a new way to better yourself by creating breakthroughs.

Life Purpose

By focusing your ability to manifest on living your life purpose, you invite the Universe to express more fully through you, your gifts and natural talents, your desires and dreams.

Your life purpose is NOT found outside of you, in a job, as something that someone else told you is your life purpose. Your life purpose IS the thing that lights you up, melts time and feels so right that you can lose yourself in it. It’s not about money, or what other people say, or what comes of it… it’s more important that you are expressing it daily.

For example, if you are blessed with a life purpose around teaching, you will find that you are the one who counsels your friends, explains what happened in a heated situation, helps the stranger find their way through your city with full directions, writes out the recipe with specific details. You will naturally describe with clarity what is happening or what needs to be known in order to expand the knowledge base of your audience (or conversation partner). In other words, you will teach regardless of who, the subject, the circumstances or payment… because it is your purpose.

Your life purpose is always expressing itself in one form or another. Intentional manifesting will reveal or illuminate it with greater precision because you will be lining up the circumstances to allow and support it more fully. As you are more satisfied with your life, there is a greater potential of flow for your life purpose. And your life purpose becomes more fully expressed the more that you align with your authentic desires.

Spend the next 27 days getting clarity, setting intention, shifting your mindset and taking actions that will express your life purpose daily. As you do, become aware of the opportunities, relationships and circumstances that you attract because they will be in greater alignment with your truth than ever before.

With the focus on manifesting, you can become more of who you are here to be on every level. Consider now to be your invitation.



About The Author

Lynn Scheurell is a visionary pioneer and spiritual teacher in the area of conscious personal development. She is a leading proponent that life’s challenges are the ultimate tool for accelerated clarity and are invitations for growth in disguise. Internationally known for her empowering and inclusive approach to one’s conscious expansion, Lynn teaches people fully engaged in actualizing their potential how to identify, align and express their true nature in every situation and circumstance. As she is ‘bi-lingual’ in speaking the language of spirit AND the language of human dynamics, she is able to translate and facilitate self-growth into a faster, easier evolution. Changing the world starts by understanding your motivations, inspirations and purpose; in other words, changing the world starts within you.