Monday Message: What Are You Taking For Granted?

Things change constantly. Look around your life to see where you are not current with what’s happening in the world right now, where you’ve settled or compromised, in order to re-acquaint yourself with the spice of life daily.

For example, does your environment reflect who you are now or is it filled with history that sucks you back to your past? Does it reflect a contemporary, fresh look and feel or is it dated with old possessions and lackluster furniture? You can also consider your relationships… do you and your friends share interests or do you go through the motions based on what you used to find interesting? Do your friends provoke your growth or do you find yourself lulled into not having to be engaging and vibrant anymore? It’s the difference between an old worn set of house slippers and a new pair of shoes that fit you like a glove. What are you not appreciating properly in your life? What do you need to upgrade?

If you are taking any part of your life for granted, you are not really present with the magic it brings you nor to the gratitude you must feel for it in order to create more of it. Engage with the wonder of your life as it is in order to call in more of what you want.

Complacency is the death of creativity. Assumption becomes constriction. Notice your world with fresh perspective, give thanks to what is and then open up to new possibilities.